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We are a licensed electrical contractor, designing and building robotic and automation solutions for manufacturing companies.

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I thank you for your interest in Bransom Tech Services. I am a California contractor with more than 48 years of experience in electrical and automation processes. BTS is an electrical contractor with experience in industrial and manufacturing  equipment and processes. In the 1970’s and 1980’s we were doing work for contractors, architects and engineering companies building shopping malls, industrial plants and material handling systems. Eventually we merged with my Father’s company, RHR Services, to begin building highly specialized machinery.  Here is a list of clients.

As our machine building and automation business grew, we partnered with FANUC Robotics in 2013 and KAWASAKI Robotics in 2016. Keeping up with automation technology is important in today’s economy and we have the experience to back our projects and proposals.

BTS designs and builds automation solutions using robots

Machines need help

Pick ‘n Place for tie sheets

Identifying dangerous areas and automating them is what we do well. Here is a simulation of a solution to one  problem using a Kawasaki Robotics RS015X robot and Kawasaki K-ROSET Simulation Software.

The machines in this video gather up cans of every size and stack them on a pallet. As each layer is built up, you need a piece of fiber board between layers to keep the cans stable (they will slide off) and to keep them from scratching each other. Typically a person does this dangerous job. But with robotic automation, we can make this chore safe and reliable.

Here we are using a Kawasaki RS015X robot with an extremely long reach to not only place tie sheets on the pallet but also to pull a sample of the product per FDA rules. There are a series of red cylinders used to “spot” the robot for the 3 jobs it will perform: 1) Fiber Tie Sheet placement, 2) Sampling of product and 3) collection of data about sampling.

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Palletizing Delicious nuts

san joaquin almonds and walnuts

We do a lot of work for the Almond and Walnut processors in the San Joaquin Valley.

Here is a video of the process it takes to get those nuts into a box and to your table. We have installed a Kawasaki ZD-130 Robot to do the heavy lifting, making 2 pallets at a time using a 2-Zone gripper.

Here is a video of the process it takes to get those nuts into a box and to your table. We have installed a Kawasaki ZD-130 Robot to do the heavy lifting, making 2 pallets at a time using a 2-Zone gripper.

We really enjoy working in this industry because it is the fruit of our Farmers and they are the hardest working people I know.

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Palletizing  with no fence

kawasaki robotics promo video

There is a lot of chatter about collaborative robots in my industry. But here at BTS, we have been doing “safe to work with” automation for many years. The problem with robotics is the space required to deploy them. How do you put a robot in a space that is already surrounded by people and equipment?

Many machines have a need for specialized automation for performing ancillary functions such as placing sheets for
pallets, stacking bags and boxes or assisting someone by flipping parts and placing them into position. Imagine if you had to place electronics on a board. Years ago the parts were huge and a human could do it. Today they are so small, you would have to work with tweezers and a microscope to build a cell phone.

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RF Bin Dumper controller

remote control for machines

I began working as an electrician during my senior year in high school. After working at a gas station during high school, my girlfriend’s Father offered me a job working for him if I would study hard for my electrician license. 

Not long after I started working there, my boss passed away in a tragic car accident and I began operating the business until all of the jobs were complete. I was 19 years old at the time. To finish college became tough after this.

That was the start of BTS and my business career. 13 years later I finished college and now 48 years later, all jobs matter. We are here to help. I have been doing this since 1972, and have experience with every aspect of electrical services. While working as an electrician I started developing products for my customers. Like this RF Bin Dumper

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RBC-1700 Rack Builder Pick ‘n Place Robot with conveyors

After 2 years of work, we have developed a Pick’n Place system using a Kawasaki collaborative robot. Kawasaki produces the perfect COBOT for this application, the duAro Dual Scara Collaborative Robot. By integrating our C-100 highly customized controller, we now have a machine that can do “Direct Packaging of 4000 Bottles per hour“. 

The RBC-1700 is a unique machine with the ability to adapt to a variety of production needs. This machine can handle a very wide range of products. Here we are only showing one product to give you an idea of how the machine works. The concept is a “direct to packaging” approach to manufacturing.

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Safety scanner and cubic-s

When the rest of the industry catches up to the rest of us, amazing things can happen.

We have been deploying these safety scanners for years on our robots. We had to write software in the Autostart.PC file to make them work right but now Kawasaki has created a small safety controller that simplifies all the work we formerly had to do.

The Cubic-S controller attaches to the robot directly and the software adds menus in the teach pendant that are more powerful than our old method of setting up listening posts in the software for safety devices. If you are an automation guy, you probably know what I am talking about. It is ..complicated to describe.

This video is pretty much all there is for the consumer to understand when purchasing this device for a robot. If used correctly, you do not have to install fencing and workflow is not interrupted by procedural “button pushes” and the time-consuming “lockout/tagout”. The devices are approved as you can see in this video and others I have posted on my website.

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Mtr-1000 machine tending ROBOT

MTR-1000 Machine Tending Robot for CNC Lathe

We can build and customize a robot tender for any CNC Lathe. Kawasaki R-Series robots are the best choice for the Okuma Lathe shown below. But we can build and customize a machine tending robot for any machine shop application. Kawasaki R-Series Robots are specially designed to do the types of tasks required of a robot doing machine tending. Kawasaki robots can handle end of arm loads up to 80kg (175lbs).

We can operate in the limited space of any CNC lathe safely and efficiently. Kawasaki built-in I/O can communicate with the CNC machine giving it commands such as “Open Doors”, “Close Chuck”, “Change Tool” plus many other commands required for a robot to successfully integrate with any CNC machine. We can use Relay Logic, EthernetIP, ProfiNET and other protocols to lower labor costs and increase your safety margin..

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AFCW-7000 AUTO-fill check-weigh

Our integrated box filling machine

We manufacture and build a variety of machines here at BTS. One of our machines is the AFCW. This machine can be integrated into an existing production line to perform automated, direct to package processing. In this case we are filling boxes and drums of powder coat paint. The system can control a variety of valve-types but here we open and close a butterfly valve, cover the container and fill with product.

If your current system is manually filling containers, please call us for an evaluation of our AFCW and how it can integrate into any existing filling system. In this video we are filling with powder but the system can handle many types of valves and filling mechanisms. Our scales range from 500lb to over 20,000 lbs. Our conveyors can move objects up to 5000lbs easily with zero pressure on containers.

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