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BTS Adjustable Side Gripper for Flat Side Products

SG100-2717 Smooth Side EOAT Gripper

Custom built side gripper for boxes or bales

We manufacture and build a variety of machines here at BTS. One of our machine groups are EOATs for robots. End Of Arm Tooling is a necessary part of building robot solutions for the many types of processes we deal with for our customers. This is our Side Gripper EOAT for flat side boxes and bales

This is our Side Gripper used to pickup flat sided heavy objects. It has many of the “Maintenance-Centric” features of our other tools and machines. This tool only requires a few pumps of grease on a regular bases to operate for years. The side plates come in many sizes and it can pick up to 100 pounds per lift.

Since this is a 2-zone gripper, it can also pick is 2 zones if required for smaller boxes. The cylinder floats to extend the life of the tool and has adjustable pressure. Each of the 4 cylinders can be controlled as an independent zone for shifting products side to side. Maximum opening is unlimited, minimum opening is 10 inches. The range of opening on this tool is 10 inches in this configuration  


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BTS Adjustable Side Gripper for Flat Side Products

BTS SG100-2717 Flat Side Gripper

 Robotic Palletizing/Depalletizing Pickup Tool

Tool is shown with stripper cylinders installed with 4G SY5K SMC Manifold

27×17 inch width range tool is for moving objects such as bales or boxess

The modular design of the tool makes it easy to create any size

This tool is designed to work on a 180kg robot or larger

Just tell us the robot you want it mounted to

Each unit is repairable and modular

Side Gripper EOAT for flat side boxes and bales




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