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industrial Control panels

Welcome to Bransom Tech Services of Lodi California
BTS is not just another great electrical contractor,
we design and build automation solutions using robots, too.

We build Industrial Control Panels


Examples of our work


Machine Control Panel

This panel is programmed with our HMI/PLC. In this panel we are controlling 6 motors, 6 rotary encoders, current temperature and a series of pneumatic solenoids. This system replaced a very expensive and high maintenance hydraulic system that had been operating this machine in the past.


Portable Conveyor Control Panel

We had to rebuild this panel in the field for this customer. Features a multi-voltage (480/240/208) panel we are controlling 2 motors that can be run by either High Voltage or Low Voltage. We included forward and reverse controls and added a motor to replace the hand cranked  lift angle  adjustment device.


Batch plant control panel

We are wiring this panel in the field. We added several additional controllers, junction boxes, panels and support equipment into this integrated control system. It is common for our field technicians to go onsite and install equipment, integrating with the customer’s equipment.


Latest Controller Version 6

One of the eight new controllers designed as an IP66 solution for this version of the AEB Yeast Regeneration machine. AEB products are for the treatment and sanitization of industrial areas. AEB’s range of equipment includes equipment for dosing and rehydration of yeasts.


Panel Hardware Assembly Station

We stand the panels up so they are comfortable to work on and here, We are populating the din rail with Schneider terminals, breakers and starters. We are using Rockwell PLC’s on these panels along with a Phoenix network controller and an IO-Link module for the peripheral equipment.


Loading the program and test

Once the controller is wired and ready, we move it to a test area and upload the program. Our test bench tests all Analog signals, High Speed counters, Discrete I/O, Networking and other communication links. If the controller passes QC, we put a UL Label on it and box it up.

Using an external PLC to bridge communications between a robot and a machine

Ethernet/IP Bridge

EThernet/IP (IP Over Ethernet) is a simple and popular way to map the Inputs and Outputs of one device with another. In Human Terms, we translate languages between machines that use different programming conventions to operate. This is the primary way a Robot signals a Conveyor System and vice versa.


IP66 Custom HMI Panel

We design many types of controllers. Here is an IP66 panel with a cutout for HMI. One problem with panels that include an HMI is the wear and tear on the screen of the panel. There are various types of screen protectors available for HMI Screens but none of them compare to this type of protective door we use on our IP66 rated Indoor/Outdoor controllers for harsh conditions 

Rebuilding the Machine and the Controller for an Olive Press


Olive Press Controller update

We take in equipment regularly to upgrade and update the electrical parts of the panels. Particularly in the Wine-making business, the atmosphere is caustic if the panels are not well sealed. Here is an Olive press with an IP66 control panel that was compromised. We repaired it, cleaned the machine and performed maintenance on the machine here at our shop.