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Welcome to Bransom Tech Services of Lodi California
BTS is not just another great electrical contractor,
we design and build automation solutions using robots, too.

The Kawasaki® robot controller has a high performance CPU  which provides extremely accurate trajectory control, high-speed program execution as well as extremely fast loading and saving of files.

USER FRIENDLY OPERATION – The easy to use Kawasaki teach pendant now incorporates motor power and cycle start at your fingertips. Multiple information screens can be displayed simultaneously. The intuitive teaching interface is simple to use.

ABUNDANCE OF FEATURES  – A large variety of unique features support a wide range of applications and industry automation. The extremely powerful Kawasaki AS Programming Language allows for sophisticated motion and sequence control. You can even use our Kawasaki K-Roset® palletizing software


EXPANDABLE  – As many as 10 external axes can be added for a total of 16 axis controls from a single robot controller. Numerous communication field buses are available for controlling peripheral devices. The Kawasaki K-Logic sequencer software can be combined with user- customized interface panels on the teach pendant.



EASY MAINTENANCE – Modular components with limited cables allow for easy diagnostics and maintenance. On board self-diagnostics minimizes troubleshooting and reduces maintenance . Remote Diagnostics via the web server enables service support from anywhere in the world.



The Kawasaki CP and R-Series of Robots is our preferred choice to perform palletizing. These are the simplest and most reliable robots we have had experience with and can handle any application and simultaneous external functions related to machining services such as operating extra axes, conveyors and manipulators.

Kawasaki  Palletizing robot CP and R series:

  • 12 inputs and 8 outputs on the robot arm
  • Built-in Software EthernetIP (up to 3 IP Addresses)
  • Configurable Dedicated Robot I/O Robot motion steps and status
  • Internal I/O (2048 standard)
  • Built in KLadder – Ladder logic programming for external devices.

Robot Options:

  • 32 discrete inputs and 32 discrete outputs
  • Field BUS option board
    Profibus, DH, Rockwell protocols, etc.
  • Cubic-S Collaborative Software option
    COBOT option available on many robots
  • Soft Absorber Software option
  • Conveyor Tracking Option Board

7th Axis board for traverse robot movement


The custom pedestal is very heavy and flat. We generally like to see at least 6 inches of concrete under a robot. Our bases require 8 anchor bolts. This keeps the robot in place during high speed operation. 

The base of the robot can be made in a variety of ways depending on your application. However it is important to pick the right one to avoid the use of additional movement to safely move in the palletizing workcell. 


As you can see above, we have built many types of tooling for robots. When it comes to palletizing, there are a lot of options to get the product off a machine and on to a pallet  There really is no limit to the size or weight of the part and we can design a tool that will handle the job. And Kawasaki makes a robot capable of the most complex applications.

Here is an example of our smallest gripper on a DELTA robot. 


You will generally find these on the Kawasaki YF02 or YF03 Delta Robots. The Kawasaki YF02 is our fastest delta robot and can pick and place objects 3+ times per second. Cycle times vary .27sec to .45sec



All Kawasaki Robots come with the ARM-I/O Harness to allow you to hookup your own custom End of Arm Tooling. You can communicate with this cable via EthernetIP or if you add the 1TW board option, you can use discrete I/O functions.

The robot arm harness is pre-wired for 12 inputs and 8 outputs. You can also order the optional internal pneumatic solenoids that will fit inside the arm. These will use the ARM I/O Harness and up to 8 solenoids can be installed inside the arm of the robot. You will still have 12 inputs for your proximity and positional sensors.

ROBOT  communication
and  HMI/PLC options :

Production equipment uses a host of communication
options. In most of our palletizing installations, the accounting department wants an updated accounting of production. 

In most of our palletizing installations, the accounting department wants an updated accounting of production. 

We can use Ethernet to  send data to the office computer. Our programming options allows us to transfer real-time data to the managers regarding production counts.

BTS designs and builds automation solutions using robots
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