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Welcome to Bransom Tech Services of Lodi California
BTS is not just another great electrical contractor,
we design and build automation solutions using robots, too.



Machine Builders

BTS has designed and built many different types of machinery over the years. As Integrators, we have to figure out problems and design a solution. We have been in the Bulk and Material Handling industry for many years.

Conveyors, roll-overs, product feeders, product detectors, filling machines, sorting machines and automatic valves are just a few examples we have done in the past for our customers.. 


Robot Sales and Service

We have been dealing with a variety of robotic solutions since 2008. We added FANUC and EPSON Robots to our portfolio. In 2015 we began selling Kawasaki Robots. We discovered how very reliable and long lived they are.

Robots are a relatively new component in automation. They should be considered as an option for a variety of reasons including safety, productivity, reduced labor needs, improved quality control and much more.


End of Arm Tooling

From gripping a small vial of liquid to grabbing a 50 pound bag, we have built tooling to get the job done. In a machine shop, we call it a JIG to allow us to do repetition. Building tooling is much the same. There are many examples of tooling we have built over the years and this transitions to Robotics as well.

Tooling has to be built strong, reliable and repairable. Effective tooling allows you to increase productivity through exponential repetition. We have many examples of toolg we have built over the years.

Grippers, Air Locks, pushers, stops, responsive valves, operators and much more will be found in our gallery of tooling. Call us if you have a need for tooling and we can discuss what you can do to solve the issue.


Custom UL508A Panels

Our C100 series of Custom Controllers merge the functionality of both an HMI and a PLC into one cohesive unit. We provide many custom programs for these panels that are literally plug-and-wire units.

This eliminates the need for purchasing separately the HMI, PLC, Industrial Panel and software/program.

These touchscreen units are an HMI + PLC combo, IP66 washdown-rated with TFT color touchscreen displays. The back of the unit has Ethernet, serial, and other expansion ports designed for integration with a large selection of optional I/O modules.



Operator Training

Over the years we have spent a great deal of time training our customers to use the equipment we have built and installed for them.  Providing effective training which encourages the staff to operate and maintain the equipment properly is one of the keystones of our business.  Our training can increase productivity and the flexibility to evolve as your business automation needs grow.

Robotics Classes:


Training motivates employees and increases productivity. Your business gains knowledge, contacts and the flexibility to evolve as your automation needs grow.

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Mobile Robotic Tender

The MRT line of machines is a paradigm shift from the conventional wisdom of “in situ” equipment engineering.

Our MRT100 Chassis is home to several Kawasaki Robots. Among them is the RS005N seen here as a filling machine operator. This tooling can pick a bag from a stack, inflate it and place it under a filler.

BTS designs and builds automation solutions using robots
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