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Welcome to Bransom Tech Services of Lodi California
BTS is not just another great electrical contractor,
we design and build automation solutions using robots, too.

We build a wide range of
Programmable Controllers


Examples of our work

Here we have integrated a scale, valve controller, encoder feedback, weight feedback, PID loops, Yaskawa drives and across the line starters into a single 8x8x6 HMC mounted in a tiney box.

The area is Class 2 because of the dust but that is OK as alll of the control portion is rated for Class 2 areas. The blue tape is holding a piece of protective film, in place to keep the controller in pristine shape for the customer.

Programming a robot is a little different from a PLC or HMC. The language is different because you are dealing in three dimensional data. When you design the robot program you have to integrate a lot of safety devices into the movements.

This screen is a main control screen with status updates to nake it easy to know what is happening. We puts hundreds of messages in our robot programs for the “maintenance-centric” portion of the program.



When a local resort was having trouble with their water plant, we propose a simple controller mounted in their existing control panel to run the water plant. We put it online for them so they did not have to drive a mile to see why anyone does not have water.

We can password protect the controller from attack over the internet and program it so that you can only do so much from your smartphone. That is to make it safe for everyone.

In our valley, there are hundreds of fruit processing facilities. Many are using our cart pump controllers to transfer fruit juices from crushers to fermenters or from transport trucks to storage tanks.

Our controller can handle resipe driven transfers up to 4 million gallons at a time with an accuracy of less than one gallon per 5000 gallons. We have eliminated the expensive PLC and used the additional room to reduce the footprint of the Nema12X control panel.

View a list of options and features on our HMC controllers

Network ready, manual/automatic controller
IP66 rated, Class 1 Div 2, UL/cUL Approved
Up to 600v, 50/60hz, single or three phase
Up to 99 Recipes can be programmed in by users
Unit is loaded with maintenance friendly screens
Analog Inputs and Outputs
Pulse Width Modulation and Encoder inputs
PID control, Relay outputs
Built in Web Server for remote control

-Thermocouple & RTD inputs
High Speed Counters, High Speed Timers
Unit comes with terminal blocks and a din rail
External E-Stop & fault connections
Network addressable. Built in Web Server
Modbus, Data Highway, IP over Ethernet & more
Serial Port, USB & MicroSD on every model
USB memory stick Backup/Restore and Upgrade
Other options are standard with the C100 controller

BTS designs and builds UL 508A Industrial Panels
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