LP120 Long Product
Packaging Machine

Direct to Container Collaborative Robot and Packaging Machine

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Our latest machine build is a long product packaging machine

and Kawasaki RS020 Robot

Dealing with long objects is awkward for people, especially when the objects are longer than 8 feet. Here we have built a machine that can make a box and package a long product all in one machine.

This machine can make a package a case of 10 downspouts per minute. The system is adaptable to long objects that are difficult to handle and are currently being packaged by hand. 

LP-120 Direct to Package for long products

LP-120 Packaging Machine

We can build and customize a robotic packaging machine such as this one. Kawasaki R-Series robots are the best choice for the machine shown in the video. Kawasaki R-Series Robots are specially designed to do the types of tasks required of a robot doing Pick ;n Place and Packaging applications. Kawasaki robots can handle end of arm loads up to 80kg (175lbs).

This compact machine is only 130 inches by 60 inches. We use our own PLC to manage the packaging, using EthernetIP, ProfiNET and other protocols to lower labor costs and increase your safety margin..

Follow this link to the MTR-1000 Page

Accumulation Section and Packaging 

Same tool for box and product 

Controlled product movement in the machine 

Detachable guides for different products

Status screen for maintenance 

Table for box stacking 

Installing the machine in front of a roll former. Mounting the robot and securing unit

We have the power on and are installing the cables for the controller

Another view of the installation in front of the roll former showing table and boxes

These photos are showing how we install the machine in front of a roll former. The machine can also be installed in front of any type of machine producing long products where the manufacturing requirements of the product are a pick and place packaging application.

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