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The Kawasaki duAro Robot’s ability to be quickly and infinitely re-configurable, master and slave to the machinery components and simultaneously communicate with a network all while operating two SCARA arms makes this machine more than unique.

After 2 years of work, we have developed a Pick’n Place system using a Kawasaki collaborative robot. Kawasaki produces the perfect COBOT for this application, the duAro Dual Scara Collaborative Robot. By integrating our C-100 highly customizable controller, we now have a machine that can do “Direct Packaging of 4000 Bottles per hour“. Our C-100 Family of controllers range from simple control of an environment to complex machines with multiple motors, encoders and analog I/O. The C-100 is an “out of the box” controller designed to be flexible, easy to re-task and interfaces with everything we have used with it from Pumps to Formers and from Bottle Fillers to Traffic Control System.

The RBC-1700 is a unique machine with the ability to adapt to a variety of production needs. This machine can handle a very wide range of products. Here we are only showing one product to give you an idea of how the machine works. The concept is a “direct to packaging” approach to manufacturing.

The system is robust and components operate at intrinsically safe voltages.
Our C-100 controller has many features for Integration.

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RBC1700 Pick ‘n Place

Infeed and outfeed conveyors
BTS Shuttle Picker Tooling
Pick and Place End of Arm Tools

No-Scuff Product Infeed direct to package
Up to 4,000 product bottles per hour
Multiple product types can be handled
Product Infeed detaches with 2 bolts
Highly customizable to many products
Optional warning horn sounds alarm


 C-700 Custom Controller

UL Control Panel in IP66 Enclosure
View current status of machines
Manual or auto system control
Adjustable timing and sensitivity
Analog I/O for temperature processes
4 x 3-Way and 2 x 4-Way Solenoids 
Can operate Vacuum Generator
Integrated DC Motor and Stepper Drives
Integrated conveyor controller
Speed adjustable on conveyors



BTS Shuttle Tooling

On the Fly spacing adjustment
Self contained Vacuum Gripper
Collision Safe vacuum suspensions
Single point actuator
Range 21mm to 35mm variable spacing
BTS Box Grabber (2 sizes)
Tooling regulator and vacuum control
Ball bearing platform
Hygienic Durometer 65D UHMW infeed


RBC-1700 in action:


Vacuum Generator and Regulator

We operate our shuttle tooling using the built in Kawasaki duAro pneumatic solenoids is each arm. These are the highest quality 4-way solenoids (4 per arm) and here it shows us generating -50in Vacuum on the 5 suspensions. Our supply hose is 1/4 in tubing and our vacuum hoses are 8mm. 
 We added a regulator to the shuttle tool so it would not slam the tool when opening and closing. Many of our customers have trouble with their tooling because of this oversight. Always keep your air pressure regulators in good condition on tooling.


Shuttle Tooling moving the group to the rack

With our unique design, we are able to compress the group of tubes on the product infeed then separate them prior to placing them in the container. Our vacuum suspensions operate in a range of 21mm “On Center” when picking and separate by “up to 50mm” before placing them in the container. This solves the separation issues at the infeed and the unique design of the tooling makes “Pick ‘n Place” quick to achieve and simple to maintain.


Rack filling and case packing in one robot

You see the Upper Arm of the duAro robot moving away with a full container of parts while the Lower Arm is pulling another group of tubes from the product infeed. One row has already been placed in the box. You can see the Rack Infeed is capable of handling plastic racks and paper racks with only minor setup changes. The spacing on the Plastic Racks is 50mm on center while the spacing on the paper racks is 40mm. Our Shuttle Tooling can adjust on the fly to either size.

We are a distributor for Kawasaki Robots. With 50 years of experience in robotics, Kawasaki has accumulated a wide range of application technologies in every field and industry. Kawasaki supports our customers’ needs to automate their production lines and improve productivity. The application examples on this website are but a fraction of Kawasaki’s vast robotics experience.

Kawasaki “duAro” collaborative dual-arm SCARA robots allow manufacturers to efficiently and cost-effectively automate a wide range of applications. They have the flexibility to be applied to production lines with a short product cycle and frequent changeovers, and can safely collaborate with humans in work operations.

Assembly Sealing / Dispensing
Machine Tending Packaging
Pick’n Place Collaborative  Functions using Cubic-S

The general-purpose R series Robots are setting the benchmark for all small to medium duty industrial robots. The compact design, along with industry leading speed, reach and work range make the R series Robots ideal for a wide range of applications throughout diverse industries.

Assembly Sealing / Dispensing
Machine Tending Material Removal
Painting and Welding Collaborative  Functions using Cubic-S

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We can assist you in deciding what kind of robot you might need and how best to integrate that robot into your business. our robots some with a host of features. Collaborative robot software, collision software and unique programs designed for many types of applications are available.