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We are a licensed electrical contractor, designing and building robotic and automation solutions for manufacturing companies.

Electricians, Robots and Automation for your business


We are very experienced with complex manufacturing systems and especially the end-of-line equipment where products are boxed and transported for shipping. We design, install and program control panels for existing or new systems.

BTS is a preferred integrator for Kawasaki Robotics        

BTS designs and builds automation solutions using robots. We are a great resource for manufacturers who wish to improve and modernize existing equipment and processes.

We specialize in industrial manufacturing automation, controls and robotics. Material handling, assembly, pick-n-place and machine tending robots are our specialty.


BTS Electric Service has operated as an independent electrical and mechanical contractor since 1982.

We are a licensed Electrical Contractor and engineering firm with expertise and experience planning and executing complex projects on time and on budget..

We offer traditional electrical contractor services: new construction, installation and repair services for residential, commercial and industrial as well as manufacturing services such as equipment repair and upgrades, troubleshooting and maintenance services for many types of machines


We build UL 508A Industrial Panels for many types of machines. We can also build customized industrial panels for you.


Process programming is just one of the many tools we provide our customers. We use process design in industrial manufacturing automation controls and robotics.

We can design and implement anything from a PLC/HMI operating environment to robots and large scale integrated systems. We use CAD, simulations and CASE tools to achieve the goals of our customers and provide cost effective, reliable and maintenance centric solutions.

We use robot languages such as AS language for KAWASAKI robots and KAREL language for FANUC. Our controllers use Mapware, Logix-500/5000 and more. In some cases, such as our palletizers, we use KRoset and Pallettool in the robot to determine configurations.

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Factory Automation

  • Machine Builder
  • Palletizing Robots
  • Pick’N’Place Robots
  • Machine Tending Robot
  • Robot End of Arm Tools 

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Custom Machine Builder 

  • Pump Controllers
  • Check Weigh Systems
  • Autofill Valve Controllers
  • Production equipment
  • Custom Machines

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Complex Process Systems

  • Sorting Machines
  • Wine Making Machinery
  • Nut Processing Systems
  • Rice Processing
  • Custom Integration

Installing batch plant for new cement block manufacturing company


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Industrial Installation

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Process Controls
  • Production equipment
  • Custom Robotics

Another winery being built in Lodi California.

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Electrical Contractor

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Facility Design-Build
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Machine Installation

Use of robot simulator software to generate programs for Kawasaki Z250 palletizing robot

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PLC & Robot Programming

  • Custom Automation
  • Consolidated Controls
  • Controller Upgrades
  • Networking Solutions
  • Dedicated Controllers

BTS designs and builds automation solutions using robots
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