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Customer feedback..

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"We needed a better preventive maintenance program to help us manage the equipment we use. Jerry not only installed the MMS software, they already had templates for all the equipment, saving us hundreds of hours of research"
One of our customers was complaining about product count. Jerry designed a machine that used a laser to count the edges of our product just before it entered the carton, eliminating complaints for a fraction of the shipping costs we were incurring, not to mention improvements that led to additional orders"
MM - Stockton
Are you looking to improve current automation? We have 
more than 30 years of automation experience in automation design and equipment installs.
Need to maintain and maximize existing automation process?  Our experience with common and uncommon  equipment and processes  is our advantage.

Would you just like to talk with someone who has significant knowledge of process development, installation and maintenance to discuss your current needs? Call Toll Free 855-ROBOT-99

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Process Improvement
Design, Installation and Maintenance
Complete automation expertise A to Z
We measure our success by your success.
Jerry N Bransom
California Robotics and Automation

Commercial & Industrial Solutions designed
  to increase Safety, Quality and Profitability

We have the experience you need!

Robots need re-task or other automation? This is our specialty. We  design. install and maintain many types of automated equipment and processes.
Automation is a surprisingly low cost method of increasing the safety and reliability of your production line. Properly tasked, they require minimal maintenance and will increase your product quality and profit margin.
LR-Mate Gripper shown in the open position. Grippers are simple to use and versatile when properly designed. Teaching a robot to move is generally done via Pendants which allow you to jog the robot to a position and perform a task.
Bringing a new robot online requires about 2 weeks of setup and programming in most cases.  But industrial robots can do the work of 4 or more people, eliminating repetitive injuries, muscle strains and fatigue while maintaining constant speed. 
Palletizing operation using a gripper.
Many configurations are available in industrial robots. They can do just about any job you need. So if you are looking to reduce injuries or simply speed up production, you can be sure that an Industrial Robot can do the job. Manufacturing to Assembly to Packaging and Palletizing, robots can make your business more profitable and your employees happier.

Our experience with automation design and programming is what sets us apart from other companies. The staff at CalRobot have both mechanical and electrical experience in a wide range of processes. Our specialties are packaging, material handling, pick-n-place, general automation and new machine automation engineering and implementation. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field.

Integrate your Process, Automate your equipment, Operate and evaluate, perform Maintenance to improve.. Repeat
Application simulations and engineering go into the process of integrating existing equipment with robots and automation.
For those who want to integrate automation into the existing process, here is the formula we use:
Integrate on a limited basis, Automate the process, Operate the equipment, Evaluate the results, perform ongoing equipment maintenance, repeat cycle.
View videos of applications that demonstrate the versatility of
FANUC Robotics.
Call Toll Free 855-ROBOT99 (855-762-6899) for a free consultation.
(855) ROBOT 99
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worldwide. Running simulations using CAD and case tools such as RoboGuide are necessary to a successful project You can find us at 1371 E Pine Street Suite #6 in the NW Corner of the complex Bransom Tech Services is an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC Robotics