For more than 50 years, we have designed and built automation solutions for a broad range of applications and processes. We are Farmers, Millwrights, Machinists, Electricians and Engineers and we have the tools and experience to complete the job.



Automation is a winning strategy

Industrial automation is not about replacing workers, it is about working smarter. Working smarter leads to higher production and lower costs.

The 4 goals of Automation: 

(1)Increase Safety, (2)Reduce Injury, (3)Create Employee Incentives, (4)Create Reduced Cost Incentives.

BTS designs and builds automation solutions using robots.

“From an early age I was always looking for a way to do a job quickly and efficiently. I coined the term ‘Maintenance-Centric‘ to describe what I wanted in the machines I build. What we do at BTS is create solutions that pay for themselves over a long term”

jerry Bransom

Owner and Lead Engineer




Now using AVG automation

THE ‘Made in AMerica’ brand we use

  • HMIs and Operator Interfaces
  • PLCs and Expansion Units
  • Remote I/O and Power Supplies
  • Best Tools for Process Controllers 

We build Amazing tools and machines


Heavy Lifting

  • Handle up to 700kg
  • Uniform Stacking
  • Bye Bye Back Injury
  • Faster Stacking
  • We Build Tooling
  • Integrate Existing

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robot sales


  • 4/5 Axis Robots
  • 6 Axis Small Robots
  • 6 Axis Medium Robots
  • 6 Axis Large Robots
  • Workcell Design
  • Preferred Integrator

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fill & seal

Bulk Products

  • Integrate Existing
  • Fill valve control
  • Flying Check Weigh
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Robot Case Erector
  • Fold and Glue

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long package

Up to 10 feet

  • Erect Long Boxes
  • Tubing and Square
  • Integrate Existing
  • Product Rotation
  • Blank Storage
  • Fill while Running

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UL panelS

UL 508A

  • Pump Controller
  • Process Controls
  • Motor Speed Control
  • Integration Controls
  • PLC and HMI
  • Large or Small

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Machine Shop

  • CNC Machine Tender
  • Food Service Prep
  • Wine Club Packing 
  • Bottling Line tender
  • Quality Control Robot
  • Vision Integrated

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  • Ladder Logic
  • Many Brands
  • Spare Parts
  • Large or Small Scale 
  • Remote I/O Panels
  • Comprehensive

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  • Traffic Light System
  • Mobile Robots
  • Self Driving Lift
  • Bottle Picking
  • Medical Robot
  • Extrusion Support

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BTS designs and builds automation solutions using robots
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