For more than 50 years, we have designed and built automation solutions for a broad range of applications and processes. We are Farmers, Millwrights, Machinists, Electricians and Engineers and we have the tools and experience to complete the job.



Automation is a winning strategy

Industrial automation is not about replacing workers, it is about working smarter. Working smarter leads to higher production and lower costs.

The 4 goals of Automation: 

(1)Increase Safety, (2)Reduce Injury, (3)Create Employee Incentives, (4)Create Reduced Cost Incentives.

BTS designs and builds automation solutions using robots.

“From an early age I was always looking for a way to do a job quickly and efficiently. I coined the term ‘Maintenance-Centric‘ to describe what I wanted in the machines I build. What we do at BTS is create solutions that pay for themselves over a long term”

jerry Bransom

Owner and Lead Engineer




Think about this if you want to be an automation engineer:

The two images on the left show why automation is complex.

  • You must first know how to wire the devices, motors, servos, inputs and outputs
  • You must know communications (Serial, TCP, DH, Modbus, etc) to make it work
  • You must build a logical TAG Database so it is easy to understand 
  • You must know multiple software applications and be fast using them
  • You need a good background in Math, especially analytical Math
  • Learn mechanical skills (Auto Shop, Farm machinery, a Job) while in school
  • You need advanced understanding of a PC, not just games and TikTok
  • CAD programs are required to record accurate Spec and Dimensional data
  • You will need Spreadsheets and Word processors to document procedures
  • You must read every instruction manual for the components you are using
  • Learn to program SERVO DRIVES, FREQUENCY DRIVES and learn relay logic
  • Learn a PLC language (Ladder, Function Block, etc.) then learn another
  • Build logical and useful Human Machine Interfaces using software + Graphics
  • Build parts and applications that are maintenance-centric
  • Finally, YOU must be willing to learn more on your own than you do at work!

Or just call us and we will get you going! 


We build Amazing tools and machines


Heavy Lifting

  • Handle up to 700kg
  • Uniform Stacking
  • Bye Bye Back Injury
  • Faster Stacking
  • We Build Tooling
  • Integrate Existing

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robot sales


  • 4/5 Axis Robots
  • 6 Axis Small Robots
  • 6 Axis Medium Robots
  • 6 Axis Large Robots
  • Workcell Design
  • Preferred Integrator

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fill & seal

Bulk Products

  • Integrate Existing
  • Fill valve control
  • Flying Check Weigh
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Robot Case Erector
  • Fold and Glue

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long package

Up to 10 feet

  • Erect Long Boxes
  • Tubing and Square
  • Integrate Existing
  • Product Rotation
  • Blank Storage
  • Fill while Running

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UL panelS

UL 508A

  • Pump Controller
  • Process Controls
  • Motor Speed Control
  • Integration Controls
  • PLC and HMI
  • Large or Small

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Machine Shop

  • CNC Machine Tender
  • Food Service Prep
  • Wine Club Packing 
  • Bottling Line tender
  • Quality Control Robot
  • Vision Integrated

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  • Ladder Logic
  • Many Brands
  • Spare Parts
  • Large or Small Scale 
  • Remote I/O Panels
  • Comprehensive

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  • Traffic Light System
  • Mobile Robots
  • Self Driving Lift
  • Bottle Picking
  • Medical Robot
  • Extrusion Support

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BTS designs and builds automation solutions using robots
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