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Our C-100 controllers are a group of HMI-PLC controllers that can be configured for hundreds of applications. They are a ‘Plug and Play’ solution to obsolete controllers that are beyond cost effective repair. Our controllers give you more control of your equipment and allow additional protection that would not be possible on older style controllers.

For example, the C-100 controller with its built in logic can monitor voltage, speed, current, flow and other aspects of motors that are very expensive on other controllers. This gives you better control of your equipment, higher up-time and less downtime over a broad range of applications.   

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You may have a special type of analog device that produces a signal such as 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10v, 0-5v, RTD output, J/K Thermocouple output and more. These devices control speed, temperature, special conditions.
The Discrete Outputs are low amperage outputs, usually 1 amp. That is enough for most devices. For heavier loads you may need Relay Outputs which can handle up to 5 amps. If you need more than that, you will operate a purposed relay with an output from the PLC. It is very common for relays to be operated by discrete outputs.
Devices such as electro-mechanical relays, solenoids and heaters require relay outputs. Motor valves also require a relay output. You need to be aware of heavy load devices as they dictate the type of ourputs
Analog signals are a range of current or voltage that a device interprets as a signal to increase or decrease a setting.
All PLCs provide hundreds of registers for standard counters. We can count up or down. The same is true of timers where we can 'Delay On' or 'Delay Off' a device or process. To use an encoder, you need HIGH SPEED Counters. This section is important if you are tracking motion with an encoder. If you have a flow device, you may be tracking the motion of a fluid with pulses. Linear devices increase count in one direction and decrease count in the other direction. All of the above need a special type of input to operate properly
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