The Flomatci SYLAX3 is the valve we chose to replace any customer valve for our AFCW System. The S3W09 is typically the one we find in most systems. That is a 6-Inch butterfly valve in wafer configuration. It is highly maintenance-centric.


The Flomatic SYLAX® 3 is a proven butterfly valve design for demanding applications; Booster
Pumping Systems, HVAC systems and other industrial applications where quality and higher
performance are most important. The SYLAX® 3 is designed and built strong including standard ductile iron valve body, 316SS Disc is standard, 420SS stainless steel stem, EPDM

The valve is rated 250 PSI bi-directional & dead end rating.

220°F max. temperature rating, NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 certified for use with ANSI 125/150# flanges, Can be ordered with lockable 10 position handle and standard ISO 5211 top flange for easy actuation.
Available with Gear Box or several other Actuator options.

Series CEU5, multi counter was developed to work with CEP1 or CE1 high precision, stroke reading cylinders. CEU5 utilizes a RS-232C communication system which allows multiple counters to be linked together (each counter has a unique address, 1-99. BCD output, which allows the counter to be connected to a panel display, is available as a standard option.

At BTS, we use the CEU5-D to tell us the position of the cylinder in our AFCW Check Weigh System. The CEU5 is attached to a Stroke Reading CE-1 CYlinder that operates a butterfly valve. The advantage of this over motorized valves is mostly cost but we are able to develop robust valve-operating systems that can be very fast and very precise. In the AFCW System we have used this valve-control system to close the valve as a product reaches a certain weight.

This is the drive we choose for the AFCW1000. Yaskawa drives are the most reliable drives we have used. For over 10 years we have been using them without a single failure.

YASKAWA AC Drive-A1000 High Performance Vector Control Drive Technical Manual
Covers Receiving, Mechanical Installation, Electrical Installation, Start-Up Programming &
Operation, Parameter Details, Troubleshooting, Periodic Inspection & Maintenance, Peripheral Devices & Options, Specifications, Parameter List, MEMOBUS/Modbus Communications, Standards Compliance, Quick Reference Sheet
200 V Class: 0.4 to 110 kW (3/4 to 175 HP ND)
400 V Class: 0.4 to 630 kW (3/4 to 1000 HP ND)
600 V Class: 0.75 to 185 kW (1 to 250 HP ND)

What is the AFCW System – The AFCW1000 is a 1000lb (max) Auto-filling Check Weigh System
This machine can operate in three modes: Manual, Automatic and Automatic Tight Stack

Manual: All controls can be operated manually-motors, valve, dust hood. You can manually ZERO the Scale and Valve. You can manually unload the last conveyor beyond the photoeye (for push unloading).
The system can move a variety of empty containers types (boxes or drums) under a butterfly valve, open the valve and turn on product delivery then close the valve incrementally relative to the weight set-point of the system. Once the container is filled, it is transported away from the scale/valve to be stacked or unloaded.

Automatic: Infeed, Scale, Valve and Outfeed are all controlled by the PLC. You can adjust the timers to optimize the flow and you can create and edit set points for the weight and distance the valve opens. In Automatic Mode, the containers stop at the end of each conveyor section as dictated by a photoeye.

Automatic Tight Stack: This is the default setting at power-up. Infeed, Scale, Valve and Outfeed are all controlled by the PLC. You can adjust the timers to optimize the flow and you can create and edit set points for the weight and distance the valve opens.  The Tight Stack Option allows you to add full containers onto the conveyor with very little space between each full container, thus optimizing the available conveyor space. In Automatic Tight Stack Mode, the containers form a train until the entire conveyor is full.