If you have any questions on how to purchase, install, program or maintain an industrial robot, please reply here. We do not deal with anything except industrial robots. I have experience with Kawasaki, FANUC, KUKA, EPSON and some of the less obscure robots out there.



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  1. Jerry Bransom says:

    For anyone who has wondered about robot maintenance, I am here to tell you that we have started using EP0 oil in the robots we sell. What is EP0? Let me give you the short version:
    EP0 – It is like thick soup
    EP1 – a little thicker
    EP2 – what you are used to. Red Grease

    We like to change the oil frequently on Robots and soup will drain out nicely.
    A lot of robot companies are changing to this if they have not already done it
    If you open the drain plug on your robot, be prepared to put it back quickly.

    For our Kawasaki Robots, it is Multemp EP0 all the way.

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