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BTS Adjustable Bale Kicker

bk100-2717  Bale Kicker for transitioning vertical bales to horizontal

Custom built side gripper for boxes or bales

We manufacture and build a variety of machines here at BTS. When you are in the automation business, it is important that you are able to modify equipment to improve the process. In this case we designed and built a Bale Kicker to  transfer the rice hulls from vertical to horizontal.

All of this is part of a palletizer we are installing for a local company that makes fifty pound bales of rice hulls for wine making, absorption and many other things 


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Bale Kicker for transitioning vertical bales to horizontal

Dual action cylinder with cushion stop

2×4-Way solenoid valves. Sol1 for Kicker, Sol2 for accessory

Machined cylinder mounts and flange bearing for long life

The modular design makes this tool adjustable to fit any style of bag or bale

This kicker designed to move the product from vertical to horizontal

Here we have it mounted to a Hytrol Slider Bed conveyor 

Each unit is repairable and modular

Side shifter is on wheels to facilitate maintenance

Adjustable brushes on each side will cushion the fall and center the bale

21x28x12 50lb bale is shown after being kicked onto the conveyor

Side shift motor speed is adjustable to match existing conveyors

Smoothing guides to make sure the bale enters the kicker without getting hung up

Corrosion-Resistant Tight-Seal Brush, 5/16″ Wide x 5/16″ High Backing

Brushes are 6″ Overall Height, 0.045″ Diameter

Each brush unit is repairable and modular

Unit can move as a complete unit. Here is ti shown on a forklift


Adjustable brushes shown on the right

Bale velocity is slowed down by brushes, minimize distortion 

Machined adjusters move up or down PLUS in and out

Slotted brush holder uses a single retaining clip

Standard uni-strut mounted to Slider Bed conveyor 

Side shift motor pictured bottom left. 

Angle of brushes can vary to accommodate any bale size

Uses existing holes in slider bed conveyor for mounting 


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